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Activate your
digital sponsoring

eventbaxx is a digital sponsorship platform that offers your sponsors a new digital channel to actively share offers with your participants

An all-in-one platform to deliver
sponsors' content to the right audience


Create your sponsors' offerings or invite your sponsors to submit their ads

Share with
your participants

Easily share created content with your target group through the system

all data

Generate extensive reports and inform your sponsors about their ROI in detail

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Connect your sponsors

with your race participants

All types of endurance events can profit from the numerous benefits of eventbaxx. Be it a marathon, triathlon or any other sports event - you and your sponsors will love it!


Maximize the visibility

of your exhibitors and sponsors

Enhance your sponsorship experience by sharing your sponsors' and exhibitors' offers with your attendees on an interactive platform.


Impress your sponsors

with an innovative digital channel

Use eventbaxx to distribute information, flyers and brochures of your sponsors with exact targeting and measurability at the same time.

Sponsor Marketplace

We help you in finding sponsors to monetize your eventbaxx

Our sponsor marketplace enables you to find sponsors, close a deal, and include their content in your eventbaxx to monetize your event and provide added value to your participants. Learn how it works in a free live demo.



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